Around a new year holidays, it was the peak for a Shantan pomelo sale season. However, the continuous rainy weather since the second half of this year has caused a great impact on the coloring, sugaring and ripening process of fruits, resulting in low sale prices and a slow progress of the acquisition. Many farmers choose to cover the fruit trees and wait for a good price in the market. Here they choose to postpone harvesting for a higher price. The price of one yuan is a relative low, and two yuan is medium. A better price is above 2 or unto 3 yuan.  
These price information was got by a reporter of Southern Rural News, from Mrs Meilian Tang. She is a fruit industry boss from Guangxi Jinxiu Tong Mu Town Fu Tong. Last year fruits were sold out at a high price of 4.6 yuan. Today, we came to the town and found out what is the price level they can sell out. She told us that the purchase price in a field was 4.6 yuan, and the fruit from our base is 5.8 yuan. That is the wholesale price. She already sold out all Shantan pomelo from her base before New Year's Day 2019. While at this time Jinxiu County, Shantan pomelo from other farmers were in the field and in color conversion period. That makes a huge price difference. 
Our first fruit harvest was on November 22. That was 20 days early to make to markets than others. Those Shantan pomelo with traditional normal procedure would stays trees much longer times. The long staying could cause fruit shell decorticating, taste changing, cis-coloring. One year ago, Mrs Tang Meilian accidentally discovered that those fruits from the trees applied with Tianrun Duochai fertilizer were much bright, but also very good taste. When we went to the fields to pick up the fruits, I ate more than that my stomach could load. I was worried about diarrhea. But my stomach didn't feel any uncomfortable after eating so much fruits. 
I told them the fruits from those trees applied with Tianrun Duochai, the mixtures of fertilizers and pesticides, especially in the later days, should be a good product for promotion. Tianrun Duochai has the exclusive high-tech biological enzymes from the United States. It contains more essential elements to promote fruits with rich coloring and sweetening. It can make peels more bright and a higher sugar level in the fruits, but also shortens growth periods of the fruits. The shorter growth periods makes the fruit harvested early, 10-20 days earlier. What is even more amazing is that it can increase the nutrient contents of the fruit and reduce the pulp fiber, which is what we often call “chemical residue”. 
After applying Tianrun Duochai, those fruits taste more juicy, and the fiber slag is excellent. For those fruits without using Tianrun Duochai, slagging effect is far less than our fruits. Tianrun's scientific management planning and procedure also make contributes in better fruits from Mrs Tang’s farm. For example, Tianrun Duochai and Tianrun Baoguo No. 1 are help in the fruit naturally ripe and sweeter, and extend their shelf life after fruit harvesting. 
The package of Tianrun A Yuanbao and Tianrun Baoguo No. 1 can help to restore tree potential, improve soil and promote rooting. The fruit trees on this sides are applied with the package. The trees hang more fruits. Their fruits are relatively larger, and more colorful. Also fruits are more sweet and much firmed. Those trees on the other side are without Tianrun package treatments. They hang much less fruits.  The nutrition of their fruits is less. In addition, the leaves are yellow, less glossy. These evidences indicate that the trees are short of essential nutritions. The differences is significant between them. The use of scientific and efficient products is the key for increasing yield and improving fruit quality. Tianrun Baoguo No. 1 product can help to extend the time of fruits hanging on trees. Many of my customers sold their fruits in March and April. Their fruits are firmer, juicy and sweet. If spraying is applied at the first and second flower bud differentiation, the product will significantly increase the rate of flowering and fruit sets, and make the young fruit to expand rapidly, turn green, and reduce fruit drop. Its effect is more obvious when young fruits appear. When a young fruit is just out of the flower, it is a little yellowish, and obviously different when it turns green. Since Tianrun products entered the Guangxi market, they have emerged good and positive results. So what do the dealers of other agents of Tianrun products think about these products? They didn't know the effect of this product in the beginning and just sold it as testing water. After the effect was appearing, they began to put more resource for selling the products. Because there are a lot of Shantan pomelo farmers here, the products have strong potential. Through the promotion of Tianrun series products in the past two years, and the farmers have recognized the products, the feedbacks about products are excellent in various aspects. 
Tianrun series products have created a new era. Because of their application, it is no longer difficult for pomelo trees in protecting flowers and fruits, and enhancing fruit colorful and sweet. I was born in a poor peasant family and knew the hardships of peasants' work and life. Therefore, I am determined to use high-tech products to help farmers get rich and let them live a better life. Over the past 20 years, I have promoted these high-tech products. I feel very happy, and very fulfilled. I also would like to thank my company. 
Mr. Guo Chuanjie, deputy secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the secretary of the former China University of Science and Technology gave Tianrun an inscription: 
I believe that the inscription he gave us is invaluable, and great spiritual pillar. And it really speaks out from our harts. Tianrun has always been adhering to the belief that “high-tech is the only passport around the world”. It focuses on research and development to promote high-yield, high-quality and anti-reverse products of pomelo. With the mission of benefiting China's agriculture, it constantly promotes high-tech products and helps growers grow high-quality fruits.